Bath Time!
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GroomingDogs will be dogs, and will often get into some very interesting (stinky?) situations. Healthy Hounds & Fat Cats offers two solutions to this age-old problem. We provide a fully stocked self service dog wash seven days a week. We supply shampoo, brushes, aprons, towels, and even a blow dryer. We can also assist you with nail trimming. The self service dog wash is first come-first serve. Please start your bath at least one hour before closing time.

Some dogs and cats need a little more pampering than a simple bath. Our professional groomers are available to provide luxury baths with soothing massages, specialized trimming, and even custom hairstyles. Ask us about our unique “Bodi Cut”! This trim is ideal for dogs who want to keep most of their fur, but prefer not to drag too much mud into your home.

Healthy Hounds & Fat Cats offers your pets the total spa experience! All grooms include a 5-10 minute soapy massage in the tub. Dogs are done one at a time from start to finish — you won’t need to leave your dog with us all day. When we groom your pet, the goal is to make your pet look awesome and professionally groomed and to leave your pet feeling less anxious than he/she arrived by offering a quiet, relaxing, and loving experience.

Dog Wash

We also have a self-serve dog wash available. This service includes the use of one of our professional elevated tubs, choice of proper pH balanced dog shampoos and conditioner, towels, professional blow- dryers, grooming tools, nail trimmers, ear cleaner and a choice of mildly scented doggy colognes.

This service is available for $17-the best deal in town!

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 4pm
Sunday: 11 am to 4 pm